Sunday, 9 October 2016

Anantharaga Spiritual Healing Services are free for first 15 days.

Anantharaga Spiritual Healing abode renders divine spiritual healing services based on your Aura, state of seven chakras etc. identified from the photo you have to send to heal up your chronic physical, emotional or spiritual illnesses.

Services are free for first 15 days.

On your satisfaction with the results and willingness to continue, kindly note that the charge is Rs.5000/- for every 30 days. Please note to share your level of satisfaction every fifteen days for better results.

If you or someone you know wish to receive the benefit from Distant Healing, please take a few moments to complete the form below.

You will receive confirmation within one or two days. Please note that we do not need very specific information but the more details you can give us of your problems,  the better we can understand your case to render best of our services for your improvement. 
                                Healing  Request Form