Thursday, 5 January 2017

Anantha Spiritual Healing Abode

Spiritual healing is an inexplicable phenomenon effective in several chronic health problems that have found no permanent remedy in modern health sciences.

Today, we accept that there is a powerful mind-body connection through which spiritual, emotional, mental and physical factors can directly affect our health.

Spiritual Healing works by restoring the harmonious state of mind, body and soul. It stimulates “inner healing” to mobilize body’s own defenses.

Each healing session is spread over a few minutes in which healer applies touch to the affected area. Sometimes spectacular or instant results occur, but more often improvement comes progressively in days, weeks and sometimes months depending on the nature of the disease.

Spiritual Healing is of divine origin and operates through one’s spiritual self. The healer is only a channel through whom the healing is conveyed. It takes effect not only at the time of the session, but thereafter in the days and weeks ahead.

Benefits of Spiritual Healing are not confined to specific malady, it improves the total well being of the patient spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.
                 Spiritual Healing is not a substitute for Medical Treatment

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